Me as I write this postA Moblog is an online picture diary usually using pictures from a mobile phone. Simple right? Flickr, Moblog uk and moblog are all good and reliable.

I have only used moblogging as a tool once but it was extremely effective – if you can get a good moblog going, social networking sites like myspace can spread the word like wildfire.

The one time I have used moblogging as a PR tool was when a band of my friends went on tour. They played 30 gigs in 30 days and at each venue they emailed me a review, some gossip and some mobile pics.  By the end of the tour the moblog had over 1000 views, not bad considering the timescale and the relatively unknown band. More importantly, the tour has massively increased their fan base. People fealt they knew the band and this kind of personal connection is invaluable when it comes to getting off the ground.

At some point the PR industry is going to have to wake up to this kind interaction. Technology is beggining to come full circle and devices that used to put distance between us are now beginning to make the world more personal. More and more social interaction is taking place online and PR igonres that at its peril.  A Case in point, Rubel’s blog now has more subscribers than PR Week UK (see this article on PR Blogger)

My next foray into moblogging will be to start one for the 2007 local elections in York. I’m going to try and use it to mobilise some of the younger vote, I’ll put up a post when the idea is more fully formed.