David Cameron’s PR strategy is simple and brilliant. 

At Tory Party conference, Francis Maude’s speech showed how people liked tory policies… as long as they didn’t know they were tory. Once people knew a policy was tory, the approval rating plummeted. Hence, Cameron’s analysis of the situation was that though people like tory policies, they just hate tories. A reasonably safe assumption if you ask me.

Whereas every other leader of the tory party has gone looking for new policies (a strange leap of logic, I know) Cameron has started trying to make people like tories again. He’s not doing badly either, if you take the southeast of england and london he has made some serious breakthroughs, the southwest is beggining to turn as is the west country. His problem is that the North just doesn’t like him and so his brilliantly concieved strategy isn’t working.

Cameron needs Northern PR because he needs to understand why the north doesn’t like him and how he can twist his massage to fit in with the strategy.  I don’t think its because he’s southern (though it doen’t help.) I think it’s because he’s so ostentatiously southern. The value sets are so different that in appealing to one set of voter, he’s alienating another.

He doesn’t need to change strategy or policy, he just needs to employ some people who understand the north to that it can appear that he does.