I have a new job! My contract runs out here at North Yorkshire County Council in a couple of weeks and I am off to work at a start up PR venture in Harrogate. Essentially, an advertising company has decided to invest in a PR “wing” and I am working as the account manager for the new clients.

It is immensely scary.

The reason for this post is not to let you all know about my employment. (I hate it when supposedly subject specific blogs become more about the blogger than the subject.) What I though would merit discussion would be this, the five key points to remember when starting up, what should they be for me and much more importantly, what yours be?

These are my ideas:

1. Play to your strengths. – I am young, inexperienced and my knowledge of the standard tricks of the trade is, most probably, not that good. Each of these weaknesses can however, be used as a strength. My inexperience is not complete – I’ve been working in education PR for a year now. This, coupled with the fact that I am young (24) means that I can quite readily connect with a younger audience, I also understand the market structures for educational products. My lack of knowledge will force me to innovate and my (all be it fledgling) knowledge of tech issues will probably set me apart from some of the competition.

2. Don’t over reach. – I have to know my limits and remember them, especially when faced with nice juicy clients who want more than I can offer.

3. Remember the basics. – Make sure that I understand why each client wants PR and who their audiences are. Avoid puff and ensure the message is clear and consistent. Remember that relevance and effectiveness beat pyrotechnics every time.

4. Trust your skills. – Excellent article on “backing yourself” here, explains this and the point about not overreaching much better than I could.

5. Remember when it all comes down to it, it’s all about people. They are my five, I’d love to hear what the rest of you think.