According to the ofcom report 41% of all UK adults with internet access have used a social networking site. The population is about 58.9 million, 19% (11.2 million) of these are under 16 and therefor don’t  count. Of the remaining 81% (48.4 million,) 69% have access to the internet, this leaves us with 33.4 million UK adults on the internet. 41% of 33.4 leaves us with 13.7 million UK adults who have used a social networking site.

There is an alternative way of working this out in which you just add together all the totals from the top 4 Uk sites (myspace, friends reunited, bebo and piczo). Do it this way and you end up with 17.2 million but it is my guess that alot of people will be registered with more than one of these services.

Other headlines from the report:

over half of all online 16 – 24 yr olds use social networking sites or blogs at least once a week.

At least 14% of all adult users (4.7 million by my working) have posted content on a blog.

The report makes interesting reading, especially (I would expect) for Mr Murdoch, who’s 580 million investment in myspace must be looking rather good at the moment.