Following the article on Stephen Davies’ blog about the growth of PR this link seems to offer some kind of proof that the importance of regional PR is growing.

The phrase “regional PR consultancies understand regional audiences,” is becoming a bit of a hobby horse for me so I promise not to say it again for a while. This said, the ofcom report shows that the regional print media is suffering far less from the coming of age of the internet than the nationals

Graphic (BBC)

(I’m not sure if I’m allowed to copy and paste from the bbc website, if I’m not can someone post a comment and I’ll take the graph down.)

Possible reasons for this: 1. Local news papaer readership is, on average, older and thus (again on average,) less engaged with the internet than nationals.

2. People read their local / regional paper for a sense of community which they don’t get from the internet.

3. Regional newspapers are able to tailor the product to fit the audience in a way that nationals cannot.

I’m sure there are more reasons that I haven’t thought of but the “whys” of this are certainly worth discussion. The future’s local…

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