Just finished watching the more 4 news slot on Inigo Wilson. All in all I was a bit disappointed, I’m not sure what I was thinking would happen but the 2 minute soundbite fest wasn’t it.

The two main points seem to be 1: it’s offensive therefore don’t say it, and 2: It’s Inigo Wilson’s right to be a bigot. Actually, having read the original post and with the exception of the “Palestinian” comment, I’m not sure the article is racist at all. The people who he is really going at are the reactionary elements of society and the media who try to polarise the debate between bleeding heart liberals and hang / flog em bigots.

I understand the business case for suspending mr Wilson but I’m not sure that standing up for him would do orange any lasting harm. It depends on who buys more phones the offenders or the offended.

Personally I can’t see how orange can keep him on but I also think that that sucks. The guy was trying to write a satirical take on a society that has to pigeion hole debate in order to package it up and sell it. 

He just went too far.