Wel that’s it. This blog has passed its first mauniverasry.

The blog has about 35 people who regularly read the feed, 941 hits at the time of writing (92 of those coming on the day Drew B linked to me,) 19 posts and 35 comments.

It is my first attempt at this, and as such I don’t think it’s been that bad, despite manifestly failing to secure any guest contributions (which was one of my stated aims).

The single most surprising thing about running this has been the interaction with other people. I honestly didn’t expect to feel personally involved with the blog in the way that I do.

To honor my first month in the blogosphere I thought I’d leave you with the 5 blogs I’ve read most, drawn most inspiration from etc..

In order:

5. PR Blogger – The first PR blog I read and thus, I guess, the inspiration to do this.

4. Simonsays – The first time I realised that non londoners did this too.

3. A PR Guru’s Musings – Again, a local connection. Also a prolific poster.

2. Open (finds, minds, conversations) – Just excellent all round.

1. Drew B’s Take on Tech PR – He seems to get the news before Reuters.

So that’s the top 5. Honorable mentions also go to linda on passionate blog, forward (which was hard to leave out of the top 5) and PR studies