There has been spin both on and off the pitch in the world of cricket over the last few days. Whilst it was England who were struggling to deal with the spin on the pitch, it is most certainly Pakistan who are struggling with it off the pitch.

In a series of PR blunders the public image of the Pakistani team has swung from “showing their quality despite having lost the series,” to “getting caught cheating, throwing a strop and then blaming the umpire.”

The mistakes:

1. Having been shown the ball and docked 5 runs for tampering, the captain made no complaints and carried on playing. This already gives the impression of accepting guilt .

2. After going in for tea, Pakistan refuse to come out and play. Following the previous acceptance of the ball tampering charge this now looks like a childish tantrum.

3. The umpire (following the rules) ends the game, awarding it to England. On hearing this, the Pakistani team rush out onto the pitch stating their readiness to play. This immediately confirms the insincerity of their tantrum.

4. In the meeting that follows, they try to get the rules changed thus, albeit tacitly, admitting that they had broken the original rules.

5. During the day that follows they first accuse the umpire of being over zealous. When their captain is officially charged, this accusation changes to one of racism.

They come out of the whole process looking to all the world like a bunch of cynical cheaters, which is a shame, because they are one of the best sides in the world.

Just goes to show how a few simple mistakes can so dramatically change the outcome.