Reading this article got me thinking. PR is essentially about sales, sales of products, services, ideas. So, if the way we buy is changing (and I use the word “buy” in its loosest possible definition. For me this includes buying into ideas ie. supporting a charity or voting for a political party.) Then surely the way we sell has to change too.

Websites have gained alot of functionality over the last few years but have they changed enough to keep up with the blistering pace of change in buying habits?

Considering that modern day shop layout and point of sale marketing has evolved over the last half century, you’ve got to admit that Internet shopping is a relative youngster in comparison. Shop layout and point of sale marketing has become a well researched science where certain changes can give almost guaranteed results. Has there been any such research into websites? are the two ideas even interchangeable?

You may have noticed that there are alot of questions in this post. That’s because I can’t find anything with any credibility on the internet, which kind of makes my point for me.