Reuters is reporting today that Brad Greenspan, one of the MySpace founders is targetting China as his next market. (article here)

He has made several investments in existing chinese and asian tech companies and apparently wants to bring forward a social media platform as a priority.

2 things: 1. In a market as advanced as the chinese, I’m surprised that there isn’t already something out there.

2: How does social media work in a heavily censored environment? One of the key foundation stones of MySpace was that it became not just acceptable but desireable for people to read you innermost thoughts. The kind of people who get into social media are not the kind who take kindly to censorship and I can guarantee that MySpace wouldn’t have worked if, as soon as anyone posted any controversial message, the MySpace police had come along and chucked you off.

In his defence he does say that he doesn’t want to create MySpace 2.0 but isn’t the whole point of social media the fact that it isn’t heavily regulated, that people can feel free to say what they want?

Anyway, I’ll be interested to see how the venture goes.