AAArgh, wordpress just deleted my post – AGAIN!. You click “publish” and it goes err.. OK then puts up the title and nothing else.

The point of the post was to talk about uses for tagging.

Stuart bruce had a good Idea with a client of his. He set up a delicious page for the client  and used the rss feed to display articles of interest on a sidebar in their blog.

Simon Colister described their value with a good post about how a tag based search engine is based on human  reccomendation and not just key words. There is an interesting concept there, the difference between knowledge and info.

Linda at the Passionate blog described how she uses them to classify blog posts – tagonomy?

My point was this, I can see how all these technology’s are clever but until we can make a compelling business case for web 2 tech to the average director of a typical SME we’re going to have trouble because whilst these things are cool, they don’t generate money.