One of the most difficult things to prove, and a recurring theme on this blog, is a business case for social media / web 2.0 / call it what you will. I saw this whilst reading Drew B‘s social media blog and it got me thinking, surely the best place to work on the business case for web 2.0 is here, in the blogosphere.

I want to work out the ten key benefits for an average SME with a CEO who is not web native.

If people can leave what they see as the single most important point as a comment, I’ll collate them and publish the ten most popular.

I know it’s difficult and not necessarily the way that this medium should be spreading into business, but it’s the reality of what small PR companies face when trying to explain the benfits of having a conversation with customers.

If I hear another CEO say “but what happens if someone says something bad?” I may just go mad.

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