Just been reading a very useful article over at Stephen Davies’ blog on improving a blog’s SEO. (I know, I should have used some keyword rich text there if I was doing things propperly.) Something stephen said got me thinking – “Let’s be honest, it’s not being talked about much.”

He’s right, it isn’t but it does tie in with all the many posts about why british businesses dont blog etc… etc…  

I can’t believe that the reason Britain is lagging behind the US is because our businesses are somehow more risk averse or less open to new technology. I think it has to be because – “let’s be honest it’s not being talked about much.”

If you look at ROI from blogging, it is measurable if you measure it in terms of SEO, consumer research,  etc… things that business people understand. Sometimes tech savvy PR get’s a bit hung up on the principles behind “the new PR” and forgets to talk about web 2.0 in a language that means anything to those who aren’t so tech savvy.

Dare I accuse fellow bloggers of navel gazing, probably not, but sometimes we aren’t far off.

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