Following on from my last post, stephen has got me thinking. If the “old” PR is about bridging the gap between clients, the media and the public, then what is the “new” PR about.

In the “old” PR we are using the media available to increase the visisbility, or findability, of our clients and their messages. You could say that the new PR is just doing the same but using search engines instead of newspapers.

There is, however, one key difference. Intent. People read a newspaper because they trust the editor (aggregator) to provide news that is relevant and interesting. This process doesn’t happen in the new world, online the “they’ll get what we give them,” approach comes apart.

PR’s can’t talk about circulation or AVE without because only the people looking for the news will read it.  Understanding the end user of a publication has always been one of the key skills of a PRO but now the necessary shift is to understand their thought process and consequently search behaviour.

If you ask me that’s beginning to sound like SEO.