I think I read that somewhere, (if it’s on your blog lit me know and I’ll link to it.) But it’s not always true. Sometimes it’s out of beta, up and running and has been so fro quite some time.

Such is a great little site called DropSend. I was trying to email a large photo to a journalist who wasn’t particularly (or at all in fact) web savvy but he could just a bout use email. Unfortunately the file was too big to send and, not having any image editing software, I was a bit stumped. 

However, to my rescue came this little gem. It’s essentially a file upload and download site. You write an email message and upload whatever size file you like (up to a gigabyte) and click send. It then sends a plain text email with a link in it to the recipient who can use the link to download the file. Awesomely simple quick and useful. It also sent me a message to say that he had downloaded the file – a nice touch.

On the down side, the free option only allows 5 sends a month and gives you a 250 meg limit. To get the full feature list you have to pay around $30 a month which is a bit steep if you ask me. Still, hats off to the guys who invented it, for sheer simplicity it gets my vote.


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