Was just looking at the new “Todd And Power 150” marketing blogs and I wasn’t surprised that I wasn’t on it, after all, there are a lot of very good blogs out there.

However I was looking at their scoring method and decided to see how far off I was. They take your google page ranking, add the number of blog lines subsricbers, the number links technorati claims you have and add a special Todd And score together and that gives you your score.

My score comes out as follows –

Page Rank: 3, Bloglines Subscribers: 18, Technorati Links Score: 16

In total and assuming I get a “0” from “Todd And” that should make me =133rd. The lowest score any blog gets from “Todd And” is 8, if you add that I would be =67th out of all english language marketing blogs, If I get the maximum 15 I would be =35th.

I know blogging isn’t supposed to be about self promotion but am I allowed to be a bit jealous in this case?

I also noticed that alot of the blogs I read are not on the list. Todd And, If you’re reading this, check out the following brit blogs:

Simon Collister

Stuart Bruce

Drew Benvie

The World’s Leading