Following a bunch of recent statistics I’m beginning to question alot of my original assumptions about the basis of Web 2.0’s success.

I’ve always been of the opinion that the success of Web2.0 sites has been due to their participatory nature, the whole two way / one way argument etc… but I recently read a piece by Reuters claiming that, for example, only 0.16% of visits to YouTube are by people who actually upload video.

Applying this to my own circumstances, of the 100 or so people who read my feed each day, only 2 or 3 regularly comment etc… Now that’s not surprising as obviously the number of comments etc… relies on the content – and I think here is where it begins to click.

It seems to me that people don’t go to these sites to participate, they go because the participatory nature of the sites pretty much guarantees a massive variety of content and then the tagging system acts as a filter.

It’s a reasonably academic distinction but, I think, an important one.