I recieved my Zude beta invite on monday morning and thought I’d have a play around. I was just getting into the interface and begginning to think that, with the right community development features (could they learn a lesson from the guys at facebook here?) this could be absoulutely massive, when my tools started to shut down. Within a minute or so the whole thing had gone to pot.

Logging back on this morning I saw this message.

“On Monday, April 30th, we launched our pre-beta release — and within 2 hours the amount of traffic we received exceeded our wildest expectations — and our server’s capacity! In response, we feverishly worked throughout the day to move the servers to a larger platform.

Twenty-four hours later we officially launched the public Beta for Zude. This time it only took 45 minutes for the traffic to reach a deafening level. What we have learned from this experience is the following: (1) clearly the world is curious/excited/hopeful/interested in Zude, and (2) our most optimistic projections could not have prepared us for the flood-gate opening — and ultimately the words “not prepared” best describe our situation.

As such, the best thing we can do is to convert our hoped-for public beta into a private one. We believe that only then, with a measure of control over the massive level of traffic that we have received, will we be able to help bring Zude into the global internet community.

If you have already signed up for the Zude beta, you will be receiving an email shortly with details. We hope you will consider helping us accomplish these tasks.

Thanks to all for their supreme patience and understanding.

— Jim, Steve, and the entire 5g team.”

A conspiracy theory nut might comment that this is some of the best PR the site could be getting. Of course this would involve assuming that they had only ever planned on a private beta and of course, I’m not a conspiracy theorist.

Still, best of luck to Jim, Steve and the team in getting the site back up, what I have seen has been very impressive.


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