Of all my friends who have ever taken “harder” drugs, every single one of them took cannabis first. It wasn’t that they got bored of cannabis, (most of them carried on using it despite taking other drugs as well,) it was that taking cannabis broke the “no drugs” taboo.

Facebook is a bit like that. For many people the idea of making friends online is completely alien. They would say, rightly, in my view, that friendship is what happens when two people in the real world talk to each other for a time and find that they like each other. That’s why these people would never use Myspace or indeed any of the Myspace-alikes. But these people would and do use facebook. My mum’s on facebook, as are some of my most technophobic, computer hating, geek bashing friends, and what’s more they’re getting really into it.

My feeling is that the current boom in facebook really could be a tipping point for social media in the UK, not because of the number, but because the kind of people who are joining. These aren’t people who live online, they’re the people who smoked first at school and had girlfriends. To borrow and example from Malcolm Gladwell, they’re the cool kids from the upper east side who started wearing Hush Puppies and made them fashionable again.

If facebook is inducing this kind of people into the world of social media, acting as a gateway for them, then we are about to witness the kind of change that many have been predicting for a long time, if not then… well I guess if not I’m just very wrong. (This is not unusual.)

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