Been thinking about this post for a while and its still kind of half formed in my head, so forgive me if it’s a bit garbled.

Simon commented on my last post talking about how the last internet bubble was purely financial hence the crash was particularly financialy disasterous and how this bubble (if it is a bubble) is more cultural. Anyway this, and a few other things I’ve been reading, made me think about other particularly disastrous collapses happened.

Almost any serious crash seems to have been caused by a reliance of a community (in the broad sense) on one method of support. The first internet bubble burst because it was reliant on the continued over-valuation of internet companies, the near collapse of Yorkshire’s social fabric – because the whole community relied on mining, leeds united (and sheff wed), because they relied on too much footballing success etc… etc… I could go on.

Sustainable communities rely on many things, a stong social fabric, a sustainable economy, skills, education and all the many other things that form what we call society.

Online communities aren’t as complex but they still need a balance, if companies can’t monetise social networks then the necessary funding will dry up, similarly if they over monetise them the social aspect will melt away.

I said this was only half formed, and I meant it, I have no idea where this goes from there because it seems a pretty banal point to make after such a long (by my standards) post but I’m sure there’s something significant underneath it all. Just wish I knew what it was.