The BBC are reporting some Neilsen figures that confirm what the recent blogosphere “buzz” has suggested: MySpace is being caught by Facebook and Bebo.

I’m not on bebo (actually that’s a lie, I am but I never access my profile,) and I’m surprised that the article suggests a competition for users between Facebook and MySpace. I would have thought that they were accessing different audiences with Facebook aiming at the pre-networked not-so-tech-savvy end of the market and myspace picking up the younger net natives.

Whilst talking about Facebook there’s a post that’s more interesting than it initially seems over at simon collisters blog the pretty wheel graphic (and I’ve done it on my facebook profile too,) shows just how compartmentalised our real world social groupings are.

And one more thing. (Sorry for the rambling post,) if anyone who reads this is on facebook, could you leave a comment with your total number of friends (it can be anonymous if you want.) and the number of them that you actually talk to. I’m helping a freind out with some sociology research he’s doing.

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