According to Reuters today, the British Government has added its name to the lengthening list of people to withdraw their ads from Facebook.

Firstly, it seems like facebook are missing a treat if you can’t target your ads to people who might be interested in them. I know that, for example, Bebo can target both geographically and demographically.

Secondly, it shows how slowly big companies are wising up to the new rules of an online world that is increasingly 2.0.

Thirdly, and most bizarrely, it shows how many agencies still miss the point when it comes to social media. So if you’re out there Vodaphone, or facebook for that matter, here is a three point guide to promoting yourself through facebook.

1. Use it to communicate: Communication is two way, adverts are not.

2. Create interesting, relevant content: (A la Wayne’s World) If you make it, they will come.) Sta travel’s presence is a good example of this. (I would provide a link but facebook is down on my machine at the moment, I’ll change this when it’s back.)

3. (for those at facebook) Offer a targeted ad service: people are different, if you want advertising to improve user’s experience of the community, make the advertising that appears interesting and relevant to their interests.