Just going back through a backlog of unread blogs, I noticed a couple of interesting projects courtesy of Sky News.

Press Gazette have reported that Sky News intends to recruit “several hundred” (Iain Dale says 400) citizen journalists to cover the next UK general election.

I must admit, I have absolutely no idea how this would play out. Obviously the pitfalls are there – If it gets too inward looking it will become irrelevant, and political nutrality wil be be impossible. But, and it’s a big but, if handled right it could put Sky News in the position of having a correspondant in almost every constituency in the country. Talk about having your fingers on the pulse?

Also, and in a separate story, they are running a Second Life citizen journalism competition. Entrants have until the 30th of September to create a two minute video report on any subject that they think is newsworthy.

I can’t work out if Sky genuinely takes citizen journalism seriously, or wether it’s more publicity-lead. Either way it should make for intersting reading.