It seems Yahoo are developing a social network of their own. “Kickstart,” as it seems like it will be called, looks like it will be a career driven network linking students with ex – students at certain companies.

Hat tip to Jemima Kiss at the Guardian’s Organ Grinder for the info. She claims the feel is “more LinkedIn than Facebook,” which strikes me as about the right place to go with something like this. I have a LinkedIn profile but I never really engaged in it – the process of introductions was too cumbersome and the rest cost money. Just a few of Facebook’s innovations would have made it much easier.

Personally, I’m not sure of the need for a network like this. There’s a good post over at Simon Collister’s blog that, quite neatly, demonstrates how the nature of social networks delineates between different groups within a given set of Facebook friends. If networks don’t overlap as much as we think, why would I need a separate network for work colleagues?

It’s possible I’m being too negative, I look forward to being proved wrong.

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