Facebook is taking a big step today, making their search facility available to the public. To quote from the facebook blog:

“Starting today, we are making limited public search listings available to people who are not logged in to Facebook. We’re expanding search so that people can see which of their friends are on Facebook more easily. The public search listing contains less information than someone could find right after signing up anyway, so we’re not exposing any new information, and you have complete control over your public search listing.”

They also comment that, “In a few weeks, we will allow these Public Search listings (depending on users’ individual privacy settings) to be found by search engines like Google, MSN Live, Yahoo, etc.”

The blog entry is here but from the look of it people may be able to send messages via facebook withou signing up. I can’t believe the people at facebook would actually allow that, and the torrent of facebook spam that would result.

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