This morning, driving in to work, I was wondering what my next post would be about. I got in, switched on the computer, loaded up outlook and three emails later this post was practically written.


Email 1 – Title: Request for coverage on All Things PR.

Despite the arrogant title, the body of the email was very polite, asking me if I’d blog about an International Association of Online Communicators (IAOC) event. Once I’d worked out that they didn’t want to inspect my nuclear arsenal I gave the speakers a quick google and it turns out, they aren’t international at all, they’re American. I’m not anti-american but International means more than one nation and I don’t like the assumption. So no, I won’t blog about it.


Email 2 – Title: All Things PR

This was from an ad agency who have developed an “interactive” periodic table of marketing bullshit terminology. Firstly, It was clear from the pitch that either the agency in question had never read my blog, or they were just stupid.  I blog about PR and Politics and Web 2.0 stuff and many other things but I don’t blog about “brand penetration” and “market segmentation” because these things don’t interest me. Secondly, the table was a bit… well rubbish.


Email 3 – Title: Property Week – Read today’s issue NOW

“Over the next two weeks your copy of Property Week may be delayed due to the knock-on effect of the Royal Mail strike.

To ensure you still have access to Property Week on Friday, we will host digital editions on the 12th and 19th of October.”

Link provided, Property Week ready to download, brilliant. It isn’t arrogant or presumptive, it shows that they’ve thought about how they can make a good publication more accessible and improve life for their readers, and it uses appropriate technology to do it. PW, have a gold star.

If ony they’d sort out an RSS feed from their news page and stop closing down the one I made with Pony Fish


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