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I don’t want to be a Vampire / Werewolf / Pirate / Space Ninja Cowboy Robot Alien (well, not unless I actually get the space ship that goes with it.) I don’t want to get e-kissed or rated or compare my movie knowledge. I don’t want to fight anyone or pimp up a car or swap fish, cute though it is, I don’t even really want to feed my wife’s pet dragon Marvolo.

I want to talk to my friends, communicate with some people about work and ideas and see the photos of my wedding that some people are already uploading (cheers Kate.)

In short, I want to do things that mean things. This was why facebook was so good – it linked up real people who actually knew each other in the real world.

But no more, the network is now so unbelievably clogged up with crap that I have to dredge through a trillion invites to do things that I don’t want to do before I can find any of the stuff I want.

If, as I do, you want to take facebook back from the Vampires and their evil companions please join this group. Better still find a dead clever IT type person and bully them into writing a facebook spam filtering application. It is the next app I will install. tags: , ,

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