Here at Waterside we’ve been thinking about re-doing our website. It’s been one of those long term, bottom of the pile projects that we’ve been meaning to get on with for the last year or so, but could never quite get round to due to the weight of client work.

Last week I decided that enough was enough and that I would put the long overdue time aside to start work. First things first, find the best competition and see how we can improve things, build up a checklist and see how we can implement it.

After trawling through somewhere in the region of a billion agency websites not only do I have a huge headache, I’m no-where near finding my perfect PR website formula, they’re all well, a bit rubbish. I’m not saying ours is any better, there is some criminally old content and it’s designed in a way that makes papyrus look modern, but I really thought there’d be a few good ones out there?

So far, the best I can come up with would take the visual impact of MCG’s website, mix it with the web 2ness of Wolfstar, the campaigns pages of PR Week and aspects of the Harris Associates’ structure. Even then, it still wouldn’t be perfect.

I just wonder, in what other industry could this happen?  It probably says something about client focus but stil…

Also of note is that all three of the websites I have mentioned happen to be based in Yorkshire. Is there a niche forming?

Anyone out there who thinks I’m being unfair please send me a link to your website and if I am, I promise to take it all back.