Just a very quick rant, and before I start I should just say this – I really like Politics Home. It is one of my two homepages (along with igoogle) and an absolutely brilliant resource for the political junkie.


Their PHI 100 coverage really annoys me. It is obviously a very authoritative group of individuals so why on earth does the website have to continually big up the panel, and why when ever they get anything right, do they have to tell us over and over again?

Take today – Andrew Rawnsley writes “Before the by-election, the PHI100 confirmed its reputation for accurate prediction of votes and events by giving a very strong forecast that the Conservatives would win it.” 

Well firstly their “accurate prediction” of the C & N by election could be called into question when an earlier question about benchmarking the results seemed to suggest that the overwhelming majority of the panel thought a win with a mojority of less than 4000 would be the most likely result.

Secondly, it wasn’t exaclty rocket science to work out that the Conservatives were going to win, at the time of their prediction betfair was offering odds of 1.04 on a Conservative victory, and bookmaker Paddy Power paid out on wednesday night for the simple victor market.

Rant over. Politics home is great – please stop telling us how good it is.