One of my favourite sections in any of the PR trade media is PRWeek’s “Campaigns” section. Now, I don’t want this to get into one of the “PRWeek is rubbish” slanging matches that seem to crop up reasonably regularly when its name is mentioned on a blog. But, that said, I don’t remember it ever featuring a campaign that has made use of / enganged with social media in any meaningful way.

The aim of the campaigns section is to share best practice whilst giving a bit of a publicity boost to the people who had the ideas in the first place, a very “2.0,” win/win idea. I think best practice in this emerging (or emerged depending on where you live and your point of view,) field has been woefully overlooked and thus, in the spirit of social media, and using my ability to reach an audience of, ooh at least three at the click of a button, I’ve decided to do something about it.

Each month, starting in June, I’ll post a bit about some of the standout campigns that have been going on across the UK. I will try to spend some real time doing real research into this and make it worth reading. I’ve also set up a wiki at this is very much a nascent project at the moment but if anyone wants to be involoved in helping get it off the ground, please get in touch. 



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