For years now technology has offered marketeers portals into your life. First Radio, then TV allowed them into your home, then Computers and the internet allowed them to understand a little bit about the things you like, then social networks allowed them to get into your social sphere and really know quite alot about you. Now it seems a new mashup of technology will be able to tap into your geographical network. Not only allowing them to offer you things they think you might like, but in places you might like to get them.

OK I’m getting ahead of myself, this is all about Dash, an internet enabled semi social GPS system. It works like an ordinary gps system except that the internet link allows live streaming of traffic information and location based search facilities. I called it semi social because, unlike other GPS systems around at the moment, some of the traffic data is sourced from commercial outlets but alot of it comes from live updates provided by the community of people who own the devices.

How long before something like this partners with something like trusted places? if it did (and the price was right,) I’d buy one.