Saw Sally Whittle’s post last week and have been meaning to disagree with it ever since.  Journalists don’t suck any more than anyone else, you get rude ones, nice ones, honest ones and dishonest ones that’ll tell you anything to get you off the phone, complete space cowboys who probably mean to print your story but then lose it up their own… well you get the point, they come in all shapes and sizes just like PR people and firemen and insurance brokers.

In PR its easy to blame the journo – there will always be stories that don’t make it, but all that means is that your story has to better than the rest. If you don’t want a journalist to be rude to you, don’t send then crap they don’t want. And if you don’t know whether a story is ball park right for the journo in question, then you haven’t done your research.

I’m not saying I’m perfect in this respect, and I’m not defending journalists who are needlessly rude, it’s just that dealing with it is part PR.