Hi there, thanks for visiting. My name is Sam Oakley, I’m a twenty something PR guy from Sheffield, living in York and working in Leeds.

I work alongside fellow bloggers Chris Norton and Stuart Bruce at a specialist social media and online PR agency called Wolfstar based in Leeds and London.

PR lives and dies by understanding the intricacies of how people consume media, and as such, is highly dependent on any technology that affects this consumption. It is clear that the coming of age of social media will alter the industry beyond all recognition and this blog is my way of trying to get to grips with my ever changing surroundings. Along the way I hope to make a few friends, learn a few things and maybe even have the odd original idea of my own.

If you want to get in touch for any reason you can email me oakley.sam@googlemail.com or add me on facebook – http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=817940474