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Been watching betfair, the TV and online coverage and have noted the following:

  • SNP odds dropped from 2.22 to 1.03
  • Labour odds lengthen from 1.5 to 5
  • a single rumor gradually spreading to several normally reputable places
  • Labour campaign manager looking decidedly downbeat on the bbc
  • SNP commentator on the BBC election programme looking chirpier and chirpier
  • Margaret Curran arriving at the poll with a candidates fixed face on

I’m going to put all these together and call the Glasgow East By election for the SNP. (it’s 00:42)

As an aside, involving Dougie Alexander in a debate about his sister was inexcusable. If I’d been in his position on the programme tonight, I’d have been arrested for assault.


Read this from commentisfree then read this from the Collister boy.

OK, done it?

Isn’t the most immediately apparent thing the risk that this practice exposes the perpetrators to?

Net users have a tendency to get quite angry with people who try to find ways round doing things properly, and using deliberately “wrong” keywords is only going to piss people off. If someone is looking for pictures of BRITNEY NAKED, they aren’t going to be particularly happy with a Guardian article about shoes, so why bother?

Then you get into adwords – they attempt place adverts relevant to the content, do you really want SEX TOY adverts next to your product just because you managed to hook in a few extra visitors, 90% of whom bounced anyway when they realised this wasn’t the content they were looking for.

Journalists – don’t do it.

sorry, rant over.

Saw Sally Whittle’s post last week and have been meaning to disagree with it ever since.  Journalists don’t suck any more than anyone else, you get rude ones, nice ones, honest ones and dishonest ones that’ll tell you anything to get you off the phone, complete space cowboys who probably mean to print your story but then lose it up their own… well you get the point, they come in all shapes and sizes just like PR people and firemen and insurance brokers.

In PR its easy to blame the journo – there will always be stories that don’t make it, but all that means is that your story has to better than the rest. If you don’t want a journalist to be rude to you, don’t send then crap they don’t want. And if you don’t know whether a story is ball park right for the journo in question, then you haven’t done your research.

I’m not saying I’m perfect in this respect, and I’m not defending journalists who are needlessly rude, it’s just that dealing with it is part PR.

This is just a quick post to say that, having spent a great 18 months with the good folk at Waterside, I will be moving to Stuart Bruce’s new agency Wolfstar at the end of the month.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time at Waterside and learned a great deal from some great people but Stuart’s siren call proved too much to resist. My role will alternate between that of an account manager working on some of Wolfstar’s existing clients, and heading up the newly launched Online Campaigning and Public Affairs Division alongside Stuart.

Despite coming from opposite sides of the political divide, we are both essentially centrists and agree on much more than we disagree on, if that makes sense.

Anyway if the ins and outs of my career fascinates you that much that you’d like to read more about it, this link will take you to the Wolfstar blog where you can read until your eyes go funny. Should be a video up soon as well for those of you too lazy to read. I’ll post a link when it’s done.

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At Waterside we’ve been working for a while on producing an internet based property news resource.

The site we’ve come up with, is aimed at providing a rolling commentary for North of England property news and a weekly “5 minute property refresh.”

It’s very much in its infancy at the moment (you can tell by the fact that it is still just a wordpress template,) but I’d welcome any comments.


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I didn’t realise it but last week was this blog’s first anniversary. Considering the good start I have to admit a little disappointment that I haven’t made as much progress with it as I would have liked.

This is most likely because alot of the time I simply don’t have anything to say that isn’t articulated better elsewhere (that and the fact that I took 6 months off in the middle.)

Anyway, 7,069 hits, 89 posts and 93 comments later the world looks like a very different place. A quick thankyou to those of you who have involved yourselves wether reading or commenting and that’s it. I’m off home.

Just going back through a backlog of unread blogs, I noticed a couple of interesting projects courtesy of Sky News.

Press Gazette have reported that Sky News intends to recruit “several hundred” (Iain Dale says 400) citizen journalists to cover the next UK general election.

I must admit, I have absolutely no idea how this would play out. Obviously the pitfalls are there – If it gets too inward looking it will become irrelevant, and political nutrality wil be be impossible. But, and it’s a big but, if handled right it could put Sky News in the position of having a correspondant in almost every constituency in the country. Talk about having your fingers on the pulse?

Also, and in a separate story, they are running a Second Life citizen journalism competition. Entrants have until the 30th of September to create a two minute video report on any subject that they think is newsworthy.

I can’t work out if Sky genuinely takes citizen journalism seriously, or wether it’s more publicity-lead. Either way it should make for intersting reading.


My colleague / client Jayne and Phil (respectively) are climbing Macchu Piccu for a charity called the children’s trust. They provide (the children’s trust that is,) much needed care for children with exceptional needs. If you fancy supporting two very genuine people, doing something that is very hard for a very deserving charity, the just giving site is here


According to Reuters today, the British Government has added its name to the lengthening list of people to withdraw their ads from Facebook.

Firstly, it seems like facebook are missing a treat if you can’t target your ads to people who might be interested in them. I know that, for example, Bebo can target both geographically and demographically.

Secondly, it shows how slowly big companies are wising up to the new rules of an online world that is increasingly 2.0.

Thirdly, and most bizarrely, it shows how many agencies still miss the point when it comes to social media. So if you’re out there Vodaphone, or facebook for that matter, here is a three point guide to promoting yourself through facebook.

1. Use it to communicate: Communication is two way, adverts are not.

2. Create interesting, relevant content: (A la Wayne’s World) If you make it, they will come.) Sta travel’s presence is a good example of this. (I would provide a link but facebook is down on my machine at the moment, I’ll change this when it’s back.)

3. (for those at facebook) Offer a targeted ad service: people are different, if you want advertising to improve user’s experience of the community, make the advertising that appears interesting and relevant to their interests.


This story on the bbc website has cheered up my otherwise reasonably bleak friday.

It seems that king of the floppy haired, Boris Johnson will have his name down for selection when nominations close on monday.


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