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Wow, turns out I’m hugely important and influential and a general PR blogging Big Wig. Well, I’m probably none of those things (though I’m sure my mum thinks I’m special.)

This all comes from Matthew Watson’s new list of the top PR blogs in the world. Apparently I’m the 8th best person in the UK and the 46th best person in the whole world.

My new boss, Stuart Bruce, has a slightly more measured reaction over on his blog. Of course his would be more mature etc… what with him being the second best person in the UK and nearly, but not quite one of the top 10 best people of all time ever in the world. (Close but no cigar there.) 

I never used to like blog rankings much, they try to apply algorithms to what is an essentially human process and in doing so they rob it it of the one thing that gives it such puissance. But now I’m actually in one, I think they’re feckin great.

*Wanders of to the kitchen nonchalantly whistling the James Bond version of “nobody does it better”

Update: got strange looks when I got to the “baby you’re the best” bit.